A case for meditation, pt. 3

at long last. 2.13.20. I'm about to hit the elusive 90-day streak in 17 more days. I've only gotten to this point on one other occasion, sometime about a year and a half ago. It's unclear to me how much I've changed, thanks to meditation. The following will be a reflection on the personal benefits… Continue reading A case for meditation, pt. 3

Day 6 of public food logging

breakfast: nothin lunch: special k cereal + lactose free milk. I don't think I'm totally lactose intolerant yet, but something about that one milk tea didn't agree with me... dinner: slow cooker bbq pork sliders with pickled red onions and jalapenos. a wedge of dark chocolate. several cups of honey lemon tea. perhaps this is… Continue reading Day 6 of public food logging

Uninstalled my social media apps

... and I'm feeling pretty good. In my default idle state, I had a habit of browsing mindlessly on Facebook and Twitter. Following the example of the guy from YT channel "Better Ideas", I've uninstalled these mobile apps as well as Instagram in an effort to use my time more wisely. I've also installed some… Continue reading Uninstalled my social media apps

Day 3 of public food logging

For Saturday, Feb. 8th, 2020. breakfast: 3 of those dark chocolate wedges from trader joe's lunch: some TexMex turkey skillet with green chili peppers and tomatoes, recipe and ingredients from Sunbasket. actually pretty good dinner: a few bites of mango habanero burger, beef shawarma, chili cheese fries, a TON of shrimp chips, and water/citron tea.… Continue reading Day 3 of public food logging

All this recycling

my recycling that I planned to bring out .... and I don't have a place for it. There are depository centres about 23 minutes away from me, but I need to update my driver's license to reflect my new city address. In addition, the utility bill that I also need to bring as proof of… Continue reading All this recycling

[9.2.19 draft] swing dancing & my parents

dancing has helped me understand so much more about myself and life, in the gentlest way possible. in the wordless "conversation" I've shared with many people during my dance lessons, I've learned so much about myself: how hard I pushed myself to be amazing and impress people (and for what reason?) and how self-interested I… Continue reading [9.2.19 draft] swing dancing & my parents