Day 5 of public food logging

breakfast: nature valley dark chocolate, peanut butter, and cranberry bar lunch: 2-3 dark chocolate wedges from TJ's. some vitamins. I honestly can't remember what I ate for lunch. I don't think I had one. dinner: orange chicken, rice, and vegetables that were initially frozen. btw, my Fitbit came in a day before expected. I'm pretty… Continue reading Day 5 of public food logging

Day 3 of public food logging

For Saturday, Feb. 8th, 2020. breakfast: 3 of those dark chocolate wedges from trader joe's lunch: some TexMex turkey skillet with green chili peppers and tomatoes, recipe and ingredients from Sunbasket. actually pretty good dinner: a few bites of mango habanero burger, beef shawarma, chili cheese fries, a TON of shrimp chips, and water/citron tea.… Continue reading Day 3 of public food logging