Hi. It’s been some time.

About a month, to be exact. In that time, I’ve been moving all of my things back to my hometown. I don’t take walks anymore, but I’d like to reincorporate that. I also don’t food log, although I plan on continuing again. Perhaps I should include more details about caloric content and macros. Mm... that’s… Continue reading Hi. It’s been some time.

a case for meditation.

the glitch mob While I extol the benefits of journaling, I have wondered about whether meditation was actually doing that much for me. The following is a compelling 10-minute video that makes a strong case for meditation as a habit using various books and scientific research articles. I definitely sense that my distractibility is quite… Continue reading a case for meditation.

An aid to refining your purpose in life

https://data.whicdn.com/images/153582757/original.gif bee & puppycat gif, edited by ryugo My Essentials of Leadership elective has had me thinking repeatedly about the importance of purpose and knowing what my 'why' is. Why am I in optometry school? Why do I want to be an optometrist? What's my purpose in life? I find that the stronger my answers… Continue reading An aid to refining your purpose in life

My official, official first introductory blog post.

Hello again. My pen-name is chiisana, pronounced chee-sah-na. It's nice to meet you. RJ doing his thing, but pretend that it's me Eons ago, I wrote an About Me page as well as a "First Blog Post" that WordPress forced me to write, but I never had a more informal (read: fun) page about what… Continue reading My official, official first introductory blog post.

9.25.19: a long, diary-like entry

aimer Ah... hello again. It's been... several weeks since I first started this blog. Since then, I've been neck-deep in schoolwork and expectations for myself. Hence the strange entry some several weeks earlier.... I was wrought with sadness, exhaustion, and frustration then because professional school is hard, lol. Rest assured though, I haven't forgotten about… Continue reading 9.25.19: a long, diary-like entry