Day 13 of public food logging

For today, Tuesday, Feb. 18th, 2020 Breakfast: sweet banh tet with banana. it's one of my favorites. it looks like the following: photo courtesy of Lunch (a late one at around 2 pm!): pre-made, microwaveable chicken fried rice from Costco. It was pretty good and had a variety of vegetables! Dinner: half a chicken… Continue reading Day 13 of public food logging

Day 12 of public food logging

Monday, Feb. 17th, 2020 Breakfast: ?? nothing. Lunch: a small serving of chao ga. Snack: A few bites of raw green bell pepper. That was not fun to eat. Also, the last of those jam-filled cookies. Dinner: egg rolls, lettuce, and vermicelli noodles, all doused in a special fish sauce mixed with sugar, garlic chili… Continue reading Day 12 of public food logging

Day 11 of public food logging

Sunday, Feb. 16th. 2020. I've been falling off my game a little since I'm visiting family right now, but I'm gonna try and keep doing this at a regular time. + there are only three days left of me doing this! Frankly, I vastly enjoy doing this instead of counting calories or using a mealtracker.… Continue reading Day 11 of public food logging

Day 7 of public food logging

We've reached the one week mark! Breakfast: Special K cinnamon brown sugar crunch with lactose-free milk. Not as delicious of a cereal, but it had a cheaper unit price. Lunch: chef's special spicy pho with ginger, lemon grass, and sauteed beef tenderloin Dinner: three BBQ pork sliders with pickled veg, chili cheese fries, and later… Continue reading Day 7 of public food logging

Day 6 of public food logging

breakfast: nothin lunch: special k cereal + lactose free milk. I don't think I'm totally lactose intolerant yet, but something about that one milk tea didn't agree with me... dinner: slow cooker bbq pork sliders with pickled red onions and jalapenos. a wedge of dark chocolate. several cups of honey lemon tea. perhaps this is… Continue reading Day 6 of public food logging

Day 5 of public food logging

breakfast: nature valley dark chocolate, peanut butter, and cranberry bar lunch: 2-3 dark chocolate wedges from TJ's. some vitamins. I honestly can't remember what I ate for lunch. I don't think I had one. dinner: orange chicken, rice, and vegetables that were initially frozen. btw, my Fitbit came in a day before expected. I'm pretty… Continue reading Day 5 of public food logging