Day 13 of public food logging

For today, Tuesday, Feb. 18th, 2020 Breakfast: sweet banh tet with banana. it's one of my favorites. it looks like the following: photo courtesy of Lunch (a late one at around 2 pm!): pre-made, microwaveable chicken fried rice from Costco. It was pretty good and had a variety of vegetables! Dinner: half a chicken… Continue reading Day 13 of public food logging

Day 11 of public food logging

Sunday, Feb. 16th. 2020. I've been falling off my game a little since I'm visiting family right now, but I'm gonna try and keep doing this at a regular time. + there are only three days left of me doing this! Frankly, I vastly enjoy doing this instead of counting calories or using a mealtracker.… Continue reading Day 11 of public food logging

Day 7 of public food logging

We've reached the one week mark! Breakfast: Special K cinnamon brown sugar crunch with lactose-free milk. Not as delicious of a cereal, but it had a cheaper unit price. Lunch: chef's special spicy pho with ginger, lemon grass, and sauteed beef tenderloin Dinner: three BBQ pork sliders with pickled veg, chili cheese fries, and later… Continue reading Day 7 of public food logging

Day 6 of public food logging

breakfast: nothin lunch: special k cereal + lactose free milk. I don't think I'm totally lactose intolerant yet, but something about that one milk tea didn't agree with me... dinner: slow cooker bbq pork sliders with pickled red onions and jalapenos. a wedge of dark chocolate. several cups of honey lemon tea. perhaps this is… Continue reading Day 6 of public food logging

Day 5 of public food logging

breakfast: nature valley dark chocolate, peanut butter, and cranberry bar lunch: 2-3 dark chocolate wedges from TJ's. some vitamins. I honestly can't remember what I ate for lunch. I don't think I had one. dinner: orange chicken, rice, and vegetables that were initially frozen. btw, my Fitbit came in a day before expected. I'm pretty… Continue reading Day 5 of public food logging