Progress Report

– …on 90 day meal plan and journaling: at a standstill. somewhat. I haven’t been cooking as much because going home from work to cook everyday is exhausting, as fast as the process can be. it’s mostly my fault though for not sleeping enough and stealing away energy for the next day. I will say that I can already see changes when I cook and follow the meal plan though. I feel more energetic and lighter in contrast to when I eat out or consume junk food. journaling can also be tiresome and somewhat demoralizing, but I perform and behave so much better when I do it. I must stay strong!

– … I’ve been posting more on Instagram lately. This, on a surface level, is in contradiction to what I’ve learned from Digital Minimalism, but I’m actually using Instagram as a way to reinforce good habits for myself: (1) savoring positive experiences that are important to me, (2) sharing what I’m up to (on a surface level) so people are more apt to associate me with positive connotations, (3) encourage myself to get out of my comfort zone in intentional ways while inspiring others to do the same. I want other people to try new things, to do good things for themselves as well. it helps to have good role models and influences on the interwebz, and I want to be one of those people who encourages others to hold strong in their plans, passions, and good habits!

– exercise: I boulder regularly now. I like the idea of going thrice a week, but that steals away time to reflect and prepare for the immediate future, so 1-2 times is enough. I would like to incorporate more yoga though. My tight right shoulder is actually getting in the way of my progress.

– financial: student debt has been cleared. I still owe some people money thanks to their help, but I need to increase my paygrade before I can do that. my spending habits could be better, but I’ve found hobbies that should help curtail that. I plan to re-organize my budgeting app, make a habit of setting limits, and regularly review my transactions each day.

– relationships: I’m pretty content right now. I don’t mind building more, but I have very limited solo time… I think I want to prioritize my professional ones most right now. I would like to connect with others about what I’m up to, find mentors in my fields of interest, and go from there. which leads to…

– professional: standstill. I’m dallying in several hobbies with reckless abandon, and it’s been great. but I’d like to live independently, comfortably so. I’m not at a place where I can monetize any of my hobbies, so for now, I’ll look for a career I can obtain and sustain after studying for a year or two.

I will sleep more. I will judge less. I will say no more to respect my plans for myself. I will say no to people-pleasing. And I will learn to let go of the petty things.

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