90 day journey: meal prep

Hi, guys. Inspired by Cassey Ho’s challenge, I’m looking to spend the next 90 days embarking on a new meal plan (one that’s dairy-free with little-to-no added sugars) while reviving my exercise and sleep regimen. At the end of the next roughly three months, I hope to physically be more toned and flexible while learning how to take better care of myself. I want to learn to do a handstand and to cartwheel! And get more sleep! And to plan and move forward in my career! And invest in an artistic hobby!

Today was technically the day I would start the meal plan (designed by Cassey and a registered dietitian), but I ended up leaving that shopping day to today. Luckily the recipes are insanely simple; it’s just that the first grocery trip ended up being very time consuming and a bit expensive: roughly 2 hours and $165 for my missing pantry essentials and a week’s worth of food.

One thing I’m noticing is that much of my food will be plant-based for the most part. I’ll still have meat and fish in my diet, but it’s very fast and wholesome stuff, much of it is akin to salad or a variation of chili.

I’ve never invested this much time and attention to my diet before, so I’m really looking forward to starting this! For now, I’ll get some shut eye so I can wake up, buy some hemp seeds, and get to cooking before I head to work. Let’s do this!

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