One Year

It’s been a bit over a year since I’ve been working at my new job and left my previous career plan. Things have gotten overall… easier. And I feel like the progress I’ve made – both mentally and physically – is stable. I plan to embark on new career prospects. Like before, things still feel scary and uncertain, but I’ve taken up bouldering on a whim recently and ended up surprising myself a lot with the help of a good friend (if you’re reading this, shout to ya! you know who you are). Perhaps that’s a clue to the way forward for me: to simply commit to something and enlist the mutual support of others.

Vulnerability and positivity are both things I’d like to work on this year. I always want to show myself in the best light and am not always sure how to do that. But I want to be able to show myself as weak sometimes, for I am only human. And also, to want both success and happiness for myself because it’s possible, and we all deserve that.

I hope to:

  1. get more sleep, regularly and consistently, by instituting a morning and evening routine
  2. be more intentional with my appearance. I saw an interesting TEDx talk about how our voices are not for ourselves, but rather gifts we give to others. Would not the same apply to my own appearance and dress then? I usually disregard my own appearance through a combination of low self-esteem and laziness, but since I’m recognizing my impact at my workplace, I feel more responsible for the impressions that I leave for our patients as well as my coworkers (and my loved ones as an extension!).
  3. communicate more of my thoughts and feelings, clearly and often. what is obvious to me isn’t necessarily obvious to others (and vice-versa!). I will practice this by journaling everyday, practicing tongue twisters during my commute to work, and reaching out to a different friend once a week, to catch up, experience something new and fun, and/or relax and just to help each other unwind. Fingers crossed!

The main values I want to focus on in the coming months are courage and persistence. I find myself giving up very quickly or not starting at all when it comes to trying new things. It can be hard to quiet the voices of doubt, whether they come internally or externally. But if I can surprise myself in bouldering, I know I can surprise myself in life. All it takes is a leap of faith.

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