Review: Fitbit Inspire HR

Hiya, guys. As you might recall, I shared during my fitness journey earlier this year that I invested in a Fitbit. I still have it now, and although it’s a little more scratched up than it was before, it’s still going strong. In fact, in a few ways, I’m really glad that I bought it, even though I may not use it as I initially intended to.

I mainly bought it because I wanted a watch that would track my sleep. The thing is, I believe this function can only be tracked in detail if you have a premium subscription to the Fitbit app, which you only get for a free trial of three months upon the purchase of a Fitbit. I hardly check this function anymore, as I don’t log onto the Fitbit app in general, but I think its sleep tracking function is great. I still get weekly summaries that tell me how much I’m sleeping and how much that compares to the amount I get in my previous week (along with the number of steps that I take, etc.). In addition, I think the smaller design of the Inspire HR makes it easier to wear with my outfits and isn’t as bulky as some of its more expensive siblings in the series.

Nowadays, I only really use my Inspire HR to make me feel guilty when I’m sitting or laying in bed all day (as it bothers me when I don’t move for a long period of time), to check for the time, and to track my period interestingly enough. If I log when I have my periods and when they end, they can actually predict when my next cycle will begin, and it’s been actually pretty accurate for me so far, I must say. Having unexpected periods has always been a source of irritation for me, but this Fitbit has helped reduce the inconvenience of this part of my life.

Another cool thing I only learned about my watch is that it’s showerproof, so I don’t have to remember to remove it unless I want to. It also automatically records when I do some physical activity into the app as well, based on my heart rate. This part itself can be iffy as it won’t track the less intensive activities like yoga or even when I’m doing Ring Fit (as far as I know, maybe it actually does track the latter since that is more aerobically rigorous for me than when I’m doing yoga).

In addition, the digital watch aspect makes it extremely accurate when it depicts the time, so I don’t have to worry about winding it up to match the actual current time (which is great, although I do miss the flat, thin surface and aesthetic of analog watches). I think the only cons for this Fitbit are that its battery life only lasts about 3-5 days, and you have to manually remember to check that its battery is running low (although the app also helps remind you if your battery is low, provided that you have bluetooth enabled on your phone. this one reminder only occurs when it’s at 15% though). The new Inspire HR 2 is out though, which apparently improves on this aspect and in other ways as well, so if you’re looking for a watch that can help you get more fit without the connectivity to your phone, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Inspire HR and its newest improvement from the Fitbit series! The pricepoint is not bad either 🙂

All in all, the Fitbit offers many functions, but you are not compelled to use all of the functions in order to make the money worth it. It’s a robust digital watch that can be as useful as you want or need it to be.

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