zutara [a.k.a. my first indulgent, chip-like post]

avatar the last airbender was a great show, and we were robbed of the better heterosexual couple.

jk. i actually liked their platonic relationship in canon too. they’re both hot and have mom/dad vibes respectively, and i loved the inherent angst in their relationship due to the political baggage behind their nations. but this doesn’t necessarily make a good romance. i think in the right hands, it could have been amazing. but the mere potentiality of it since it didn’t actually happen, makes it really enticing too. i would love to be able to write something for them in anonymity lmfao.

in other news, i had to leave grad school, and now i’ve been home for the past several months, cursing performative femininity since it took me several q-tips and lid scrub foam for me to wipe only MOST of my eyeliner off. the price i pay to look even remotely conventionally attractive…

(lol i say this, but watch me pay for a $$ haircut bc i’m actually pretty vain)


  • finding good eyedrops and practicing good lid hygiene = actually worth the time and money. i didn’t realize i could be living life with moisturized eyes… almost all of the time. CLs feel less drying, and my vision improves.
  • so far, i like the american Dailies Colors >>>>>> the korean colored contacts from OLENS i’ve been trying.
  • prototypical american self-care is TOO MUCH WORK and is a whole lot of baloney. just keep it simple. eat well, sleep well, shower regularly, exercise when you can, tidy up… but also make time to do things you actually like and enjoy. and learn something. as long as it ain’t hurting anyone else (or your present/future), it’s cool.
  • currently learning to water the grass around me by trying to socialize more at work. it’s been tough, but everyone is sincerely a great person here, so that’s already half of the battle? self-disclosure and positive, healthy vulnerability isn’t easy, but it is a skill.
  • once i invest time into learning something i actually enjoy, my spending habits improve dramatically… that’s cool.
  • HELL YEAH OR NO by derek sivers is a good book. esp if you’re a yes man/woman like me.
  • being clear and honest with the people closest to me has really improved my relationships with them. i feel blessed.
  • currently feeling a bit lost with what i want to do next in my career. also, i need to cook for this week, lol.
  • that’s all i’ve got for now. i might make some posts expounding upon my aforementioned bullet points. good night ❤

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