Day 12 of public food logging

Monday, Feb. 17th, 2020

Breakfast: ?? nothing.

Lunch: a small serving of chao ga.

Snack: A few bites of raw green bell pepper. That was not fun to eat. Also, the last of those jam-filled cookies.

Dinner: egg rolls, lettuce, and vermicelli noodles, all doused in a special fish sauce mixed with sugar, garlic chili sriracha, and lime juice. delicious.

Later: some leftover nuts (also not fun). Some more bites of the bell pepper before I decide to nix it. Also some bites of the last bolilo I brought home to my family’s place. After reading about better plant-based diets, I decide to toss the bolilo.

Apparently eating more veggies can reduce levels of anxiety and depression? My therapist said to look into doing 70-80% plant-based. This sounds like a tall order, but might not actually be that bad. I just need to eat more quality plant-based stuff, limit the fake, processed plant-based stuff, and also limit red meat intake.

Some cool articles I’ve been reading regarding this:

Harvard Med. (the main one you should look at)

Nerd Fitness on healthy eating. (if you have a lot of time to kill)

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