Day 11 of public food logging

Sunday, Feb. 16th. 2020. I’ve been falling off my game a little since I’m visiting family right now, but I’m gonna try and keep doing this at a regular time. + there are only three days left of me doing this! Frankly, I vastly enjoy doing this instead of counting calories or using a mealtracker. It is SO hard to count calories and portions. Something as simple and rough as this is more realistic for me.

Breakfast: N/A!

Lunch: 3 xiao long bao and spicy beef noodle soup! really delicious Chinese food. later had sour plum green tea and Taiwanese shaved ice.

Snack: Texas heirloom orange. One of those cookies that have two layers of pastry sandwiching a layer of candied jam.

Dinner: rice with lemon-spiced salmon, garlic & chicken-pasted snow pea (?) leaves. i ate a ton of that!

earlier, i read about intermittent fasting in depth for the first time! it seems to be.. pretty freakin’ convenient, to be honest. i like eating good food, but the less time i have to think about cooking and preparing for it, the better. what about y’all? what permanent changes in diet are y’all trying to do?

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