Day 7 of public food logging

We’ve reached the one week mark!

Breakfast: Special K cinnamon brown sugar crunch with lactose-free milk. Not as delicious of a cereal, but it had a cheaper unit price.

Lunch: chef’s special spicy pho with ginger, lemon grass, and sauteed beef tenderloin

Dinner: three BBQ pork sliders with pickled veg, chili cheese fries, and later limon-flavored chips.

I walked my goal of 8k steps today! This is pretty big because usually I only walk around 3k or less. I changed my routine by walking almost 20 minutes today. I’ll try to walk 30 minutes a day just to get some gentle exercise in. Also, my fitbit is concerned with how high my heart rate generally is in comparison to my resting (around 93-100 bpm vs. a resting heart rate of 73), so it suggests that I should look into doing cardio at least 3 times a week. I prefer to swim, but since I don’t have access to a pool, it may be time for me to go running again…

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