A troubling amount of sleep

Hmm. One might say this is great, but actually people who get more sleep than 9 hours (I need to recheck the numbers) tend to have shorter life expectancies than those who sleep about 7.5 hours.

Needless to say, I’m blessed that I can sleep this much. But I want to reach the same level of productivity as I did when I was younger. I also had a much more disciplined sleep schedule then, thanks to my parents (+ it was a time before mobile smartphones were ubiquitous).

I also had a good blog post idea, but I forgot what I wanted to say… Hopefully this blog post will help me jog my memory!

2 thoughts on “A troubling amount of sleep”

  1. Hey, that’s good to keep in mind for the sake of sleep tracking. Going off of your advice, I may actually be sleeping around 9 hours then, which is within the range that the National Sleep Foundation recommends… phew!

    In the screenshot above, I’m using Samsung Health as a rough estimate so far (which is free and is pre-downloaded in my Galaxy S8), but my Fitbit Inspire HR just came in today, so I’ll be using that from now on. Exciting stuff!


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