Day 2 of food logging

gonna keep going at this for at least two weeks! feel free to overlook this.

I’m tracking so many things right now: my mood, diet, weight, money, time (very difficult), and soon, sleep! I’m also attempting to journal everyday while adjusting my sleep schedule. It’s a lot for me to take on all at once, but I’m determined to make this happen!

In order for me to monitor changes, I need to see what my baseline is at the very least. Let’s keep this up!

2 thoughts on “Day 2 of food logging”

    1. thanks! I don’t think I eat that poorly, but continual tracking can always help separate fact from fiction.

      the extra dark chocolate wedges from TJ’s are delicious 💕 I’ve been eating them in an effort to practice mindful eating lol, but they’re truly addicting and smooth. would recommend!


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