Greetings! from post-finals chiisana

hi everyone. i hope your holidays have been going well.

basically, i’ve recently learned that my career plans have hit a stumbling block. i did a lot of thinking this morning and realized (after grappling stubbornly over the idea that i somehow need a new morning routine) that my main problem has (continually!) been overthinking.

therefore, to return to things with a fresher, more rejuvenated mind, i will instead be learning a new hobby in my off-time, that is, drawing! i’ve left my kindle in my apt away from my hometown, and these new artificially extended, manicured fingernails, while gorgeous, have made music making, typing, cooking, and basically anything that involves your hands incredibly cumbersome to do. this ultimately reduces my options to maybe drawing, reading (on the computer…), and exercising, which on the bright side, reduces the number of choices i have to make. so… yay?

i am deeply thankful that my parents are still letting me live under their wing and continue to support me in my endeavors. also, i found a site that teaches you how to start drawing, and it’s pretty neat (thank god for the internet):

even if i won’t become an expert, i think i’ll be grateful to myself for learning the fundamentals. i’ll be sharing my work on here for the purpose of record-keeping, if that’s okay with y’all. 🙂

in conclusion, stay healthy, have fun, and if you have to, get a pedicure over a full-set dip-powder (??) manicure. also, that 30-day journaling challenge i tried over a month ago? LOL, that fell off to the wayside fast, but i’m still trying!

mucho love.

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