a case for meditation.

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While I extol the benefits of journaling, I have wondered about whether meditation was actually doing that much for me. The following is a compelling 10-minute video that makes a strong case for meditation as a habit using various books and scientific research articles. I definitely sense that my distractibility is quite strong and can see how meditation would be useful in improving my ability to return to the present moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAVPDYhW_nw

In addition, there is this brief article about how one of the ‘unusual’ habits of billionaires is to have a daily mindfulness practice and cites Justin Boreta of The Glitch Mob. I’m sold, lmao. I don’t even listen to TGM on the daily, but they seem closer to me in age and culture, so if they’re doing a mindfulness practice, then I feel like I can derive some benefit from it as well. There are also some other interesting, comforting traits about billionaires in the article, so I would invite you to take a look!

A calm mind is a happier one. Do you meditate? What are your experiences with it? I’m currently using Headspace to guide me, and I find that the voiced cues, while they can be a bit too frequent if you use the lower durations, are useful as anchors for me to stay focused on my breath and practice. They also have a ridiculously great price for students, but I hear that other apps like Calm have also been great. I’ve tried it for a spell as part of a college research study, and while it seems to be more expensive than Headspace, they have some really nice meditation guides using concepts like Lovingkindness and wishing yourself and other people wellness, happiness, and peace.

3 thoughts on “a case for meditation.”

  1. The Glitch Mob may be the ultimate anti-meditation music! Deliciously ironic. Mindfulness is such a big deal in psychology, I am kind of in the camp that it probably has some benefits but is probably a bit overblown. I think that it is important to examine the way you feel from time to time, and perhaps we do not do this enough.

    Is meditation the key to unlocking hidden potential? I’m not sure. I’ve tried quite a few times. As a kid I’d try to sit for periods of time and think of nothing (thanks, Dragonball). Needless to say, it was very boring. Back then there weren’t as many resources on meditation because it was kind of a religious/spiritual niche. There are a lot more resources now, tons of guided meditations. Unfortunately, I never got far enough into meditation to begin to see the benefits, although I have tried. In total I’ve probably spent 5 hours of my life using guided meditations and I just felt like I wasn’t really going anywhere or improving.

    When I “meditate” now I mostly sit and listen to some peaceful music and clear my mind of things that are currently on the forefront of my thoughts. I try to push them back and see if there’s anything in there that I was not able to see with the current worries of the day, etc. Usually it goes to unexpected and interesting places, good stuff for journaling 🙂

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  2. Wow, I just meditated for the first time in a while. It felt like I had to dig quite deep to get to where I usually like to be. It’s strange how the mind can be felt like a physical space. But yeah, this time there was a lot of shroudiness that existed in my mind that was made up of things that weren’t truly important to me yet still were around. The shroud was mostly made from having to deal with the complexities of man’s world and the clarity I felt at the bottom of it was the simplicity and purity of the natural world.

    Yeah, that didn’t go where I thought it would! Glad I was reminded to meditate.

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  3. I have been into meditation for three years, and what worked for me is to meditate on what I needed the most: visualizing, find peace, get my energies back, healing chakras etc… I had those two apps you are talking about, but I actually found beautiful meditations on youtube. I like “meditations by rasa” a lot, they are ads-free, and also those from “mindvalley” . Try them!

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