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Remember this website I wrote about in an entry ago? I’ve just finished my 7-day streak today and wanted to share the Inspired Note/Testimonial I wrote for the site. I hope it comes in handy for you as well!

I’ve only finished my first 7-day streak ever today, but I want to say that I’m very happy that I signed up for 750 words. It was difficult getting to this point, but there’s really no bad or ideal time to start such a useful habit as journaling. Ever since I’ve started this daily habit of getting all my thoughts and feelings of the moment down onto something external, I’ve been feeling a lot lighter and more focused in how I approach and spend my time. Some advice on the approach I’ve taken so far that was really successful for me: along with writing about how you’re feeling and what you’re experiencing, use this time also to construct what your perfect day would be and, more occasionally, check in with what your goals for the week, month, and life are (what is your best self like? how do you want to show up for others? what do you want in your life now vs. a day/week/month/year/decade later?). This keeps the conversation with yourself productive and focused, while leaving some time to be silly or express whatever it is that you’re feeling or going through. Initially, I really struggled with using 750 words because it seemed like such an overwhelming amount to write in a fairly short period of time that I’ve carved out for myself (about three pages worth of hardcopy journaling), but as soon as I redirected my thoughts and energies outward, towards conceptualizing how I wanted to be as a person, for my relationships, and in my goals, I found myself easily meeting or overachieving this quota. For more tips/inspiration on what to ask yourself each morning via 750words, I recommend checking out Brendon Burchard’s videos on YouTube, specifically Simple Time Management Rules! Thank you, 750 words, for existing for people like me who are more comfortable typing than writing in a daily journal. 🙂

me, myself, I

Do let me know if you ever give this a shot sometime! As someone who spends a LOT of time by herself, I have a special interest in looking for ways to fruitfully fill my time. Next time, I’ll start sharing some photos/art of whatever I’m doing as a creative endeavor. Take care ❤

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